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This is a game made for Ludum Dare 41. The theme is "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres." The two genres used in this game are "top-down shooter" and "platformer." The game is a boss-brawling mania, with a combination of action-packed shooting, stressful platforming, and epic titan takedowns. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

WASD or Arrow keys - Move
Enter (Return, if you prefer) - Fire
Spacebar - Jump

Post-jam Controls:
WASD or Arrow keys - Move
Mouse - Aim
Left Click - Fire
Spacebar - Jump

Known Bugs:
All enemies and first boss tend to flip around and face the player with their backsides, especially if jumped over.
Please tell us if you find anything else wrong, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Shoot the bones!

PS: There are a total of 6 levels and three bosses. Please play the whole game before rating, and if you have problems moving on, look for portals before reporting a glitch!

Update notes:

Jam changes:
 * 1.0 - Released!
 * 1.01 - Nerfed final boss.
 * 1.02 - Player no longer phases through walls after taking damage.
 * 1.03 - Fixes, changes, and a nerf for Boss2. Fixes for Boss1.

Post Jam Updates:

 * 1.04 - (4/25/28) Camera improvements, first two bosses now explode, player controls improved, final boss returned to functioning state (for anyone who didn't get the working boss, if there is anyone, I am very sorry), enemies no longer get stuck on edges, player much less jittery, boss health bars, all bosses increased in difficulty to accommodate for new and more powerful controls, and various other small improvements!

 * 1.0.4b (4/25/28) - Whoops! Crab's name is supposed to be "Crabby Crusader," not "Crabby Crab!"

 * 1.0.5 (4/28/18) - Fixed enemies occasionally facing player backwards, drastically changed and fixed first boss, changed second boss, improvements and fixes for the sound system, fixed bomb explosions, fixed bug with last boss involving the camera, improved and updated display images, and many other small and large changes!

 * 1.0.6 (6/6/18) - Improved platforming to make it more lenient, no more getting stuck on walls when moving diagonally, Hit feedback on enemies (both visible and audible), buffed Boss3 to make its difficulty proportional to Boss2, greatly improved tutorial introduction, changed Boss1. Apologies for the late update.

 * 1.1 - Coming soon! We've decided to remove the platforming as part of the levels and use it as boss attacks. We will instead be focusing solely on epic boss fights and ONLY boss fights. Tell us what you think about this! We desperately need feedback in this early stage, and we welcome critical feedback (It's the only real way to improve)! Just a heads up, we do plan on releasing this as a full (and paid) game in the future. While we will by no means take down the current Ludum Dare submission or anything linked to it, we will not be releasing any major new content under this name. We will be improving it with minor releases for now, but there will soon come the time for us to stop updating the entry. We are very sorry if this disappoints anyone. We felt like this was the best option for continued development. Cheers!


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The not-so Correct Platformer Mac OS X 72 MB
The not-so Correct Platformer Win x86 55 MB
The not-so Correct Platformer Win x86_64 53 MB
The not-so Correct Platformer Mac OS X Post Jam 73 MB
The not-so Correct Platformer Win x86_64 Post Jam 7 MB
The not-so Correct Platformer Win x86 Post Jam 6 MB

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